Reply To: Some things :)


Hi spritsocietyvisuals – thank you for the feedback/suggestions.

1)…not changing which Image or Video Source is currently selected

If you look at the preset section, just below where you select the individual presets, you should see a toggle labelled “disable vid/img recall” – this will prevent the presets from loading their media content which is useful for preserving images/video when changing presets, but I can see that the input type is still being changed (File/Camera/Spout), so I’ll look into an option to disable that too. Is that what you mean?

2) …the ability (even if limited) to position/scale img/video

You should find that the available shaders will allow you to do this. If you go to the SrcA or SrcB effect slots and load an effect like ef_rotate (set the boundmode parameter to 1, rotate to 0), that should provide the positioning/scaling options that you need. I’d advise using the window positioning options in the “Display” section when setting up if possible, rather than esc > fullscreen.

3) ctrl+z & automask

I’ll look into these. I’m not sure about ctrl+z, but the automask option might be possible.

4)… extremely noisy in the area of the black background

Could you send me an example please, so that I have a better idea of what you mean – sometimes the combo of shaders and feedback FXs will yield strange emergent behaviour. Thank you. 🙂

Best wishes