Reply To: more control for audio modulation


hello, thanks for the response :). I did notice there is almost no traffic on the forums so I understand, but thats also the reason I’ll do my best to post some stuff here!

In terms of the feature, yes the lower threshold filter is exactly what I mean.
The perfect solution for me would be what resolume has in its envelope feature ( this is how it works @7:20). it adjusts the responsiveness curve of the effect parameter which can act like a ‘lower threshold filter’ but also make the response smoother or more extreme depending on what you want.

That one feature makes audio reactive visuals almost infinitely more interesting for me.

Obviously I have no idea how easy or hard this would be to implement but maybe you could look into it! thanks for everything.

P.S. if its still not clear what I mean I can record a quick video showing the envelopes in combination with resolume’s fft(audio) feature.