Reply To: latching _syncing movie file inputs.


Hi Paul, I have been on a marathon since I am not working and just fiddling with this tool for hours and hours. LOL.. I finally discovered the global start function which is great. Right now I am experimenting with offsetting the time by a few frames on everything so its like an inbuilt echo effect. being able to roll a frame count offset from the sync frame would be nice feature. I thought I would throw in the video in the alpha as well..its all running fine. I have a dual 18-core with 192 gigs of ram with 2 x 1080 cards. and I am getting a avg 59 frames per second playback. with everything and even pulling from different USB drives!! I do occasionally get a little frame hiccup. One thing I noticed that I don’t understand is the screen setup. I have a 2 4k monitors and when I set the full screen with no border only the 1440p fills the frame not next size up – 4k setting, I would think the 4k would be appropriate but its over-sizes onto the the second monitor. Which I haven’t figured out its like doubling the pixels or something. I will keep fiddling with it. I think my next step will figure out how to get more ISF filters downloaded and running. thanks for the reply. For some reason this has got my wheels turning in a more creative exploration state of mind than just making stuff for work. Which is great!!

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