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    Hi there,
    first of im obliged to say that I really enjoy FF so far and its definately right up my alley.
    The number one thing im missing however is more control for the audio.
    The simplest thing would be some kind of gate function where I can set a threshhold for the audio modulation per amp(if this already exists I cant find it)
    the ultimate solution for me would be something similar to resolume’s envelope system where you can achieve the same effect as a simple audio gate but also really finetune the response.

    I hope something along these lines is doable. anyways thanks for the hard work!


    Hi michaelmjh23,

    Really sorry for the slow response. There are only a limited number of users in the Beta group so things have been quiet on the forums – I’ve not been checking them as much as I should.

    Unless I’ve misunderstood, the filters in the Audio Mod section should allow you to define the frequency range and global “gain” for each mod (there’s also a multiplier value under each filter). Or do you mean some kind of lower threshold filter which blocks all incoming audio under a certain amplitude?

    Best Wishes



    hello, thanks for the response :). I did notice there is almost no traffic on the forums so I understand, but thats also the reason I’ll do my best to post some stuff here!

    In terms of the feature, yes the lower threshold filter is exactly what I mean.
    The perfect solution for me would be what resolume has in its envelope feature ( this is how it works @7:20). it adjusts the responsiveness curve of the effect parameter which can act like a ‘lower threshold filter’ but also make the response smoother or more extreme depending on what you want.

    That one feature makes audio reactive visuals almost infinitely more interesting for me.

    Obviously I have no idea how easy or hard this would be to implement but maybe you could look into it! thanks for everything.

    P.S. if its still not clear what I mean I can record a quick video showing the envelopes in combination with resolume’s fft(audio) feature.


    Hi michaelmjh23 – yes, it shouldn’t be difficult to add a threshold setting to each AMP source globally. The envelope mapping will be a bit more involved, but doable – are they defined per parameter in Resolume? I agree that the audio modulation section could be developed further generally – I’ll look into it, thanks for the feedback.


    Hi again, I made a less than awesome video on the stuff about the resolume modulation system. I’m not a great youtuber so this is all I got, its basic but should show the features I like the most. I realise its probably impossible to copy it all, the workflows are quite different but anything you could steal from their great work is a win for me.

    If there is a basic threshold and something similar to the ‘fall’ paramter I show at 1:12 I can already do 95% of what I’d want.

    And again thanks for the responses, im very much looking forward to the future of Fragment Flow, The things it can do already is incredible and I don’t know anything like it.


    Thanks Michael – I’ll take a look. I’m not a Resolume user myself, but I installed it to test FF’s Spout feature so I can study it firsthand. That does look like a neat feature. 🙂

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