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    Since i have no experience in coding and am generally more the “try till it looks good” type i dont know if those requests
    are easy or een possible to achieve but i thought they would be really nice to have.

    – First of all would be Presets not changing which Image or Video Source is currently selected.
    –> This would be absolutely crucial for live settings
    – the ability (even if limited) to position/scale img/video inside Fragment Flow, so it wont autostretch to fullscreen.
    –>if scaling and positioning isnt possible, at least to disable the autostretch
    – a ctrl+z like feature (i know how hard it was for resolume to implement)
    – (Dont know if possible) a feature like automask in resolume, where u can automatically turn true black or white values into zero transparecy alpha.
    –>some effects i achieved that were incredible good looking (e.g. with the default face video) were extremely noisy in the area of the black background, but i noticed it was all black and white with no greys. So if this could be kinda “keyed” out inside FF it would be great.

    Still loving this program so much and am really excited to see where it will go 🙂


    Hi spritsocietyvisuals – thank you for the feedback/suggestions.

    1)…not changing which Image or Video Source is currently selected

    If you look at the preset section, just below where you select the individual presets, you should see a toggle labelled “disable vid/img recall” – this will prevent the presets from loading their media content which is useful for preserving images/video when changing presets, but I can see that the input type is still being changed (File/Camera/Spout), so I’ll look into an option to disable that too. Is that what you mean?

    2) …the ability (even if limited) to position/scale img/video

    You should find that the available shaders will allow you to do this. If you go to the SrcA or SrcB effect slots and load an effect like ef_rotate (set the boundmode parameter to 1, rotate to 0), that should provide the positioning/scaling options that you need. I’d advise using the window positioning options in the “Display” section when setting up if possible, rather than esc > fullscreen.

    3) ctrl+z & automask

    I’ll look into these. I’m not sure about ctrl+z, but the automask option might be possible.

    4)… extremely noisy in the area of the black background

    Could you send me an example please, so that I have a better idea of what you mean – sometimes the combo of shaders and feedback FXs will yield strange emergent behaviour. Thank you. 🙂

    Best wishes


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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