Fragment:Flow 1.1 Released

Hi All, Fragment:Flow 1.1 is now available via the download section of your account. Just click the existing link and you’ll be provided with the latest setup file. There’s no need to uninstall the previous version, just run the installer and it’ll update the necessary files. This is an incremental update with quite a few under-the-hood tweaks, but new things to try include:

1) 2 extra post-processing FX slots giving a total of 6, and a “hard-wired” colour correction section.

2) A new “multi-stage” preview window which allows you to view key stages in the processing chain (found via the “Tools” tab). This is very useful when applying effects to sources A and B especially.

3) Similarly, a new Spout node which allows you to do the same thing with any Spout compatible app. The output stage is chosen via the “Display” tab.

4) A couple of new shaders and blending modes (including the Video Trails shader), and a significant number of new presets.

5) A “news” and “check for updates” feature (the latter is found via the “Info” tab). I’m having a break for Christmas but intend to concentrate on creating more shaders now that I’ve made the structural changes to the software that I wanted, so check these every now and again for news of incremental updates etc. The 3D/VR extensions are planned for the New Year.

As always, feel free to get in touch. Merry Christmas everyone. x