Fragment:Flow 1.4 Released

Hi All – Fragment:Flow 1.4 is now available to download from your accounts. The video below showcases footage generated using the latest additions. I’ve included a pdf detailing the new features, but essentially they are:
1) New custom alpha mask methods for mixing src A and B, allowing you to use any image, video or Spout texture to generate transparency data (by brightness, so white = 100% transparent, black = 100% opaque). Alternatively, you can paint directly onto the Fragment:Flow’s render window using a variety of different brushes and painting tools. It’s not perfect yet and I’ll probably develop this section further going forward, but thought I’d get it out there for people to try and report back on.
2) I’ve added the full range of blending modes to the existing pre and post alpha slots, so they’re now much more versatile and function more like general video layers. I originally conceived them as places to load lightweight pngs and gifs (for performance reasons), but it increasingly felt like an unnecessary restriction.
3) I’ve added the ability to tweak the cache size (RAM) dedicated to each video playback section which can help with smoother playback. This is quite a deep feature and was mainly added so that people can increase the amount of RAM allocated to the pre and post alpha slots if they can afford to, so be sure to read the caveats in the pdf and use this feature cautiously.
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